Optiflow Casing Plungers

Exchange a Tool

Our exchange a tool program gives you a rebuilt tool in exchange for the worn one. This greatly reduces the amount of man hours spent on lease rebuilding a plunger, which is not only an economic issue but safety as well. A rebuilt tool will have new seals, bushings, spring and bullets, valve ball and is mechanically as good as new. All rebuilds are inspected fully and assembled according to our specifications. When a plunger is worn, we will simply send you a rebuilt replacement which is very easy to install.

Seals - Our seals are made by a very experienced oilfield rubber company who not only supply us with excellent seals, but expertise on any issues that may arise.

Bushings - Our bushings are installed in the top and bottom mandrels to provide smooth operation of our internal valve and take the wear instead of the plunger. They are custom made from Delrin.

Spring and Bullets - our spring and bullets have a Delrin nose and because of the lubricity of Delrin they do not wear as quickly as harder substances such as steel and do not wear the detents as much either.

Valve ball - our custom built valve ball has been designed especially for our plunger and provides a much better seal than other plungers.